New York City // preparations

Hi Guys!
What’s a better way to start my brand new blog than by sharing the most exciting thing going on in my life right now?

I’m going to New York City! 


I’ve been wanting to go to New York for as long as I can remember, it has been such a big dream for so long and now it’s really happening!

The best thing about traveling is all the pre-fun, I love preparing my trips by reading travel guides, blog posts and my absolute favorite thing to do is watch other people’s travel vlogs on youtube. I feel like it doesn’t get any more real than that and it’s so entertaining too!

Lists, Lists, Lists!

I normally am not the type to pre-plan my every move when going on vacation, but for this intercontinental trip I think it’s wise to do a lil’ more planning than usual. So I bought this: a New York City Moleskine. [it also was a great excuse to buy another Moleskine]

20140415-125553.jpgTo be absolutely honest, I had a hard time liking this city notebook, the layout just wasn’t really my thing and it wasn’t giving me that ‘organized’ feel at all.

I had it laying around for a couple of weeks and then I realized that it’s a waste not to use it, so I made some alterations to the notebook, replaced some pages, reorganized it and now I love it.


What Do I Use It For? 

Information; Insurance numbers, Dutch Embassy info in case of need, ESTA [travel Visa], addresses from friends, you name it, I got it covered.

Journal; There’s a section where I’ll be writing daily, as I always do when traveling, to remember every detail later.

Maps; This journal comes with several maps, which will probably come in handy.

Day schedules; I am currently making day schedules with things I want to see that day, what train I’m gonna have to take, etc.

How I Schedule

As I said, I normally don’t do this, but I feel like I want to get the most out of this trip because I probably won’t be in NYC for a while after this trip. I don’t stuff my days, because I obviously want to enjoy my time and not run around like a crazy person [not crazier than normal anyway].

Out of the list of things I want to see, I pick 1 thing for that day and then use this amazing app / site called gogobot to see what other attractions are near, this way I save up a lot of time not having to travel the same path multiple times.

Talking about apps, I love this app called TripList, it’s basically just a packing list, but so much more than that.


Fun Part:When you haven’t packed anything yet, you are at 0% and every time you check ✔ an item the percentage goes up and eventually when all is packed you’re at 100%; and it feels so good!


I’ve used it for years now and it makes everything so much more organized.

I hope you enjoyed having a little peek in my preparation work,

Until next time, xo Ray.


3 thoughts on “New York City // preparations

  1. Curious as to what you’re excited to see/do while you’re in NYC. I’m in Chicago, but have been to NYC quite a few times– it can be a very overwhelming place but there’s so much to explore. Bring your polaroid film!


    • Hey Eric! I am planning to do a blog post about the things I want to see when I’m in New York, so more about that soon. I will bring my polaroid film for sure!
      Thanks for stopping by.


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