10 Things I’m Dying To See In NYC


It’s a fact when I say I’ve been wanting to go to New York City for as long as I can remember, but now it’s all booked and official, I started wondering; is there a specific reason I feel like I need to go to NYC?
I find it hard to explain, but every time I see New York on tv or in magazines, I just have this strong feeling that I just have to go, it’s like my entire soul gravitates towards that city. I want to feel the city.

10 Things I Want To See

1. Statue of Liberty
This will be the first thing I go to, in my opinion nothing screams New York more than this.
2. Top of the Rock
According to the interwebs this observation deck has the best view of the city.
observation deck, new york city
3. Brooklyn Bridge

4. Times Square
I’m ready for the neon lights
5. Coney Island
I’m ready for my American ‘Luna park @ the beach’ moment
6. Central Park
My hotel is a minute walk away, so I can see myself going there more than once.
7. Flatiron Building
I feel like this building makes an appearance in every movie filmed in NYC
8. The Met(ropolitan Museum of Art)
I mean…[frozen]yoghurt on the steps needs to happen at some point!
9. China Town
I’ve always felt like the only real Chinatown is the one in New York, finally time to see it with my own eyes!
10. Grand Central Station
tI remember that moment when Serena van der Woodsen arrived in Grand Central and I skipped a heartbeat; how gorgeous does this look?


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