Tanning Routine

tanning routine

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means? We need to get our bodies summer proof!

I was planning on having this rock hard trained body to flaunt on the beach, but that didn’t quite happen. I swear this is turning into an annual tradition, lol. #SkinnyFat

Ok, let’s get started on my tanning routine.

The Base Tan

I love a good tan and I like it dark.
As I am a freckle kid, I tend to get a  sunburn quite quickly.

To avoid this, about a month or 2 before summer starts, I go to tanning beds.
I normally start off by going under there for only 10 minutes, and then every week I build that up with a few minutes [20 minutes max]. This way by the time it’s summer, I don’t have to worry as much about getting a sunburn so easily.

It’s very important to use a tanning lotion before going under the tanning bad, because the times that I didn’t, I always got a slight sunburn.
I am currently using the Starstruck Indoor Tanning Lotion.




The Fake Tan

As I said; I like a dark tan. But I don’t want to get this dark tan by going under the tanning bed too much. So I fake tan!
I wish that spray tan booths were a thing here in Holland, but it’s not. I’m way too self conscious to get sprayed by a stranger, so awkward right?

sttropezMy 2 favorite products are both by this amazing brand St. Tropez, their products are a bit on the pricier side, but the quality is amazing.
The best thing is that their tan has a green undertone, which makes sure you get an olive skin tone [as opposed to orange].

I use their Gradual Tan [medium-dark] to get that dark tan, it shows effects quickly and lasts for about 3 days, but I normally apply it a couple of days in a row to the color I want.

Then next to that, I use the One Night Only lotion, which is a wash off tan. I use this when I want that extra boost for a special occasion. I own it in the color dark, and trust me, it’s dark!

Don’t Skip These Steps:

  • Exfoliate! (I use this sephora sugar scrub.)
  • Moisturize dry areas before applying fake tan (such as elbows&knees)

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