In-Flight Essentials

in flight essentials
What time is it? HOLIDAY TIME!
I can’t believe how fast time has gone, but my trip to New York City is getting so close, only 7 more days!

This is going to be my first long haul flight, but I come well prepared!
I figured I wanted to bring some products with me on the plane, since the airconditioning is literally skin-suicide.

Here’s a little list on the products I’m bringing with me in my carry-on.


1.Axe deodorant
I want to make sure I smell fresh, for the sake of the person next to me.

2.Nivea Hand Cream
My hands are super dry as-is, so on this flight I wanna moisturize them well.

3.Viktor&Rolf’s Spicebomb
My all time favorite cologne, in travel size! (0.68oz / 20ml]

I tend to get headaches on planes, so this is a must.

5.Wet Wipes
Got these lil’ cuties at H&M. Will use them to clean my hands/face prior to the next step.

6.Biotherem Moisturizer
Bringing this little sample to re-apply moisturizer during the flight.

7.Biotherm Beurre de Lèvres
My lips are always so dry, so I bet they will be challenged in the airplane, so I’m bringing my trusty Biotherm lip balm.

8. MAC Fix +
This isn’t in the picture, because I haven’t bought it yet. But I feel like I need Fix+ in my life: it’s a refreshing face spray to rehydrate your skin (and fix your makeup if necessary). And they have it in travel size, which is perfect. mac-fix-plus


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