I’m Moving Out! / personal

bernie-24-feb-2014-Q1-pix1-I-Am-Moving-Out copyd
Guys, I have some exciting news: I’m moving out!
I’ve been on a house hunt for a couple years now, not only was it difficult to get selected, it was also pretty hard to find a place that felt right.

Good thing was that I wasn’t in a rush , I get along with my parents well, so luckily I had all the time that I needed to find a place that felt good to me.
Also; today is my birthday, so this apartment I’m moving into is the best present I could get.

Keep reading to see the apartment building I’m moving into.

I wanted to move to the city centre, but after viewing more than 30 houses, I realized it was close to impossible to find a place that was in decent condition for a decent price. Then I found this!

The apartment is not in the city, but it’s only 5 minutes from it.
It’s built in 2012 and as expected, it is in great condition. It’s also a lot bigger than any of the other houses I viewed before.

So I was like: I’d be crazy not to do this. So I’m doing it, I’m moving out!
I am planning to do a house tour once it’s all finished, so stay tuned for that!


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