5 Drugstore Favorites

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Fancy, pricy, over-hyped products? Not in this post!
Don’t get me wrong, I do love reading/writing about high end products, but there are plenty of drugstore products that I use daily and repurchase year round.
So I figured it was time I covered my favorites in a blog post.

Let’s get started!

Product: L’oreal Youth Code serum
Price: $19,95 / €23,99 / £25,99
I like to call this ‘the glow maker’, this product feels so luxurious, it’s like liquid silver. I’ve used this for years now and it has lightened dark spots and gives me a luminous skin tone instantly.
Fun fact: if you live in Holland, you can get this at the Action store for around €5. 

Product: Eyebrow Shaper
Price: $3,29 / €3,07 / £2,18 [per 3]
This little tool will help you shape [note: shave] your eyebrows in seconds, it’s such a quick fix for when I need to go somewhere, need to trim my brows, but don’t have the time to wax / tweeze them.
I got these at Walgreens when I was in NYC and I’m so glad I did!

Product: Garnier Fructis Shampoo
Price: $4,79 / €2,99 / £3,99
The scent! If this doesn’t wake you up, nothing will. It’s so fresh and fruity and this particular one keeps my frizzy hair under control too!

Product: Axe Matte Effect Hair Paste
Price: €1,79 / £4,79
I’ve been a fan of Lush’s Dirty styling cream for years, because it has a strong hold and doesn’t add any shine. But, when I stumbled upon this Axe paste, for under €2, I gave it a try. And guess what? It beats Lush! Keeps my hair completely matte [if I don’t use hairspray after] and has an instense strong hold.

Product: Carmex Lip Balm
Price: $2,74 / £2,69
Brought this with me from NYC and started using this when it started to get really cold here, and I must say, I’ve never had a lip balm this hydrating in my life, bye bye cracked lips!

Now tell me, what’s your favorite drugstore product?


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