Tiny Lush Haul

lush summer 2015Hi Guys!
The other day I popped into Lush and got a few little items, this is not a massive haul but it’s a few things that I thought I’d enjoy for this time of year. Let’s go!

Sandstone and Ice Blue soap stack: €14,95
I love that Lush sell these soap stacks now, it’s a fun way to try out 2 different soaps and c’mon, look at that packaging!
I’m most excited to try Sandstone, the scent is extremely fresh and citrus-y and it has actual sand at the bottom, so it should work as a nice body scrub!
lush summer 2015 soap stacksandstone ice blue lush soap stack

Catastrophe Cosmetic: €11,65
Now this is an old favorite! Whenever my skin is acting up, and that’s usually around this time of year, I get this mask.
When I got this I had a little sunburn and some minor blemishes, so I wanted to cleanse my skin but also nourish it, and this really get’s the job done.
Eau Roma Water: €6,95
I have gone through so many Tea Tree Water toners, but I wanted to try something new.
Since my skin was a bit sensitive and dehydrated from the sunburn, I got this one. It’s filled with lavender and rose water and it leaves my skin incredibly soft and refreshed.
It is a tiny bit too much moisture for my oily t-zone, but it’s a nice addition to my nighttime routine.

Sugar Scrub: €5,25
I was kind of hesitant to try this, a lot of people say that this is extremely harsh and can even hurt your skin, but I am so glad that I picked it up, because I LOVE it!
I used this on my legs and arms the other day and let me tell you, my skin has never felt this smooth. I am not exaggerating, this is a game changer.

That was all I got at Lush this time, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and hope you all have a great weekend,
Before you go, let me know what your favorite Lush product is!


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