London // preparations

triplist appYes, Yes, Yes! I’m going back home to London!
I could not be more excited to see my dear friends again, to wander around London and meet awesome new people.
Every year I try to visit London at least once, but since I went to New York City last year, I didn’t get a chance to go.

In this post I’ll show you how I like to prepare for my trips, just like I did last year.


Normally this is where I’d start off with, previously I stayed at hotels in Paddington, London, which is a great location in my opinion.
If you’re on a budget, I can recommend the Shakespeare Hotel, I’ve stayed there multiple times and I always felt really welcome.

This year I’m staying at my best friend (aka sister-from-another-mister) Bunny, bless her for asking me to stay, we’re gonna have so much fun!
She just launched her own blog and it’s gorgeous, go check it out

The Traveling Part

I personally love to travel by train, there’s something magical about getting comfortable in your seat and seeing the scenery change right next to you. I find it a very relaxed way of traveling.
So this year is no different, I’m taking the Eurostar to London, it only takes 3 stops to get to Brussels and then from Brussels you go through the underwater tunnel and when you come out: you’re in England!

Before I leave I always check my resources excessively, I write all the important information down on paper and on my phone, so if I forget what track I need to be on, I can find out quickly, even if my batterie dies.


When I don’t write things down, it feels like my brain is exploding with things that I have to remember. I love making lists and I love it even more when I complete them. It’s like a small hobby, haha.

I like to see myself as a ‘pen and paper’ kind of guy, but I also like it when things look clean and when things are easy to adjust without making a mess. So I gravitate towards using apps to make lists.

The apps that I use to pack is called Triplist and I use WunderList for all my other lists.

Travel Journal

This plain Moleskine has been with me to many places, I love writing my experiences in this journal, it’s so much fun to read it back and also it’s just nice, to sit down at the end of the day and take some time to write down your thoughts.

Before I leave, I write down important information in here too, like the address where I need to be and contact information.

Typically, when I get home I add things like receipts, tickets and such in this journal. It’s like a little memory box.

I hope you guys enjoy these kind of blog posts, let me know where you’re traveling to this summer!

X Ray


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