La Roche-Posay Serozinc // review

la roche posay serozinc
Let me start off with saying that no, I’m not sponsored by La Roche-Posay (I wish!), I just find that most of their products work really well for my skin.

When I was in London, I picked up the Serozinc face spray from La Roche-Posay. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, but unfortunately it’s not available in Holland.
I love face mists as is, so when I saw that there was one available for oily, acne-prone skin, I knew I had to try it!
Keep reading to see if it met up to my exceptions.

Product: Serozinc Spray from La Roche-Posay
Price: $6,67 / £8,50 / €11,82
Texture: Very fine mist
Scent: None
Testing Period: 1 month
My Skin Type: Combination to Oily

la roche posay serozinc
What’s Promised
”Skin is mattified and looks less greasy and shiny”

My Thoughts
On warm summer days, this product is a godsend, the nozzle creates an extremely fine mist. Where as some face sprays come out too ‘wet’, this feels like a pleasant mist, not a shower.
I use this after cleansing my face and before I apply moisturiser, sometimes throughout the day I re-apply. I have to say that it does leave my skin less shiny, but it doesn’t make it completely matte.

It leaves my skin feeling really fresh and clean. Less shiny, but not completely matte.
Nevertheless I do like this product a lot, especially during summer, I always carry around a face mist on hot days, and it’s nice that there’s finally one designed for oily skin.

Will I Repurchase?
Maybe. It’s not like I’m gonna repurchase it the second I run out, but I do like this face mist more than the other face mists I’ve tried.

Aqua/Water, Sodium Chloride, Zinc Sulphate. [only 3 ingredients, big plus!]


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