Diadermine Hydra Balance // review

Diadermine Hydra Balance
The days are getting colder and I ain’t getting any younger, time for a change!
I’ve never been someone who changes up his skincare routine when seasons change, if something works for me, I’m not changing it.
My trusty routine was still doing everything I wanted, until…wrinkles!

Fine, maybe they’re not wrinkles yet, but there sure are some fine lines showing on my forehead and around my eyes.

I knew the Effaclar Duo was quite drying, but it’s super effective to rid myself of a shiny t-zone, so I didn’t think much of it. Until that dark day that I noticed those darn fine lines.

I used Moisture Surge for my cheeks, but since I ran out of that, I decided to try something that claims to work on all areas.

Diadermine Hydra Balance

Review on the night cream soon!

I stumbled upon Hydra Balance, which promises to be perfect for combination skin.
Diadermine is a well respected brand from France, I’ve seen it in drugstores before, but this is my first time purchasing it.
It’s easily accessible in Europe, unfortunately, not in the rest of the world. Your best bet is eBay or Amazon.

Product: Hydra Balance by Diadermine
Price: €9,99
Texture: Creamy
Scent: Floral
My Skin Type: Combination to Oily

What’s Promised:
-Shine Control: Mattifies shiny areas.
-Hydration: This light cream with Vitamin E will be absorbed instantly, leaving it soft and hydrated.
-Protection: Contains UVA/UVB filters which protect against aging caused by UV light.

My Thoughts
Having somewhat oily skin, I tend to stay away from creams and tend to go for gel formulas. Man, was I pleasantly surprised!
This cream is very liquid-y and glides over the skin like magic. Absorbs into my skin instantly.
I love this moisturiser, my skin loves it! Normally when I switch to a new product, my skin has to get used to it and shows a few blemishes the first week, but not this time!

My skin feels hydrated without feeling greasy, can’t say that it mattifies my skin, but it doesn’t make it shiny either.

Will I Repurchase?
YES!Diadermine Hydra Balance


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